Friday, August 6, 2010

Deeper into the Citadel

I must say, after we got our 25-man lich king kill, feels like the game has started anew for us, as if the many encounters and corridors that grew old and boring have suddenly come to life with the advent of hard modes. Now every fight feels like an experience and the thrill of combat has returned. Before that, you pulled, you tabbed some buttons and it was over.

Anyone who enjoys challenges and does not wish to settle for mediocre, for easy kills and epics, should endeavor to experience these fights on hard mode because they really do come more alive once the margin for error requirements of performance go up. Our start was somewhat slow, almost as if we were feeling the strength of the ice with a stick and slowly explored and tried the various fights in Icecrown Citadel.

Now the exploration period is over and we’ve cracked up the gear. Eight out of twelve bosses have falled on hard mode, consisting of most of the lesser bosses. Of the wing bosses, Saurfang and Blood Queen Lanathel have been vanquished, leaving only Sindragosa and Professor Putricide. Only Lady Deathwhisper remains of the lesser bosses. She will be the next target, once the lockdown resets.

The past two weeks have been particularly good for us, as we’ve done a lot of good progress and improved our team in quite many ways. We’ve lost a few players to various circumstances, which is always sad, but we have still been able to move forward. If anything, our progress has surprised us and I have actually missed capturing several of our encounters because I did not suspects us to be successful the first time around.

I do have one new movie to offer though, which is the Deathbringer Saurfang kill. It was a kill we had to work for; getting him down to 10% or even less half a dozen times, but when he finally went down, the success is sweet.

Deathbringer Saurfang 25HM

Enjoy and stay tuned.