Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Deathwing’s Demise

It took us a couple more weeks than I expected but at the end we worked out a tactic that suited our raid group and the Destroyer has finally been vanquished. The world is saved, at least up until next week when we start out on hard modes *wink*

Many kudos to the gang for coming back week after week and having faith in all of us to defeat the encounter, despite continuing to clear Firelands for our legendary staff and the coming holidays. Here is both a kill video, captured and edited by Rokka our main tank for the fight and a screenshot after the successful fight.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Transmog: Berserker

So here we are with a second finished product. I call it Berserker and it is a transmogrified set that I share between my main- and off-specs, on my main character, Hogi. I am actually still looking at some candidates for a choice of sword and board, since the character is a tank but figured I could just as well share the fury off-spec gear. The only real difference are the weapons and everything else are the same for both specs.


The idea started simply from the old warrior wrathful gladiator set. I loved the look of sharp spikes and rusty feeling. Like as if he was ready to go head-to-head with a giant rabid bear. It is also the only model and set where I also allow my helm to show. Usually I always have it hidden but I really like this one. I think it really brings out the true nature of a warrior, a berserker who will fight until his body simply too broken to continue.

Both the belt and boots come from old tier 10 but the color scheme fits really well with the the pvp sets. Finally the weapons, cloak and tabard finishes the look, giving it a little bit more vibrant looks, letting the set retain the rusty look but makes sure it is still not too dark.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Transmog: Vengeance

I admit it openly, prior to the release of patch 4.3, I was too lazy to look for things to transmogrify. However, now right after the release I got the bug and began looking for interesting pieces for my various characters. The two I am currently focusing on are my warrior and paladin tanks. From the two, I have finally finished my paladin and it is looking pretty good.

I did not want to go for the judgment set, knowing every paladin between earth and sky was probably going for it. Instead I found a re-colored version which I am calling the Vengeance set.


It is a fairly easy set to assemble, as none of the pieces drop from raid bosses. The shield is a craftable (by blacksmiths) item from Wrath of the Lich King and the belt is a quest reward from a chain that begins at Area 52, in Netherstorm. Several of the items also drop from normal 5-man dungeons which means that you can farm them to your heart’s content. The rest come from heroic 5-man dungeons in Burning Crusade, all which are easily soloed by level 85 characters.

The only real frustration is the fact that there are many good looking models for 1-handed weapons but, for some convoluted reason, they are subclassed as either One Hand or Main Hand. The difference is that melee players, such as protection paladins use One Hand weapons, while casters, such as holy paladins use Main Hand weapons, and the two are not compatible for transmogrification. This is really annoying me because the problem persists for both paladin and warrior tanks, and especially for my personal taste, most of the really good looking models are made for casters.

For this paladin set for example, I had picked several good looking models, even farmed them before realizing the issue. E.g. imagine the Northshire Battlemace on this model and tell me it wouldn’t look awesome.