Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pro Finlandia vs. Halfus Heroic

Finally, it is online; our second hard mode kill of Halfus Wyrmbreaker. It is not immediately evident on the video but it took me several days worth of struggling to make edit, compress, and upload to youtube. Had to give it several tries, due to youtube’s convoluted copyright politics.

But anyway, it is now on and with approved music, which is the main thing. Unfortunately it was not as a clean kill as I would have liked, with me personally messing up the use of some cooldowns at the end. I actually considered abandoning the material and wait for this week’s kill, but at the end decided to screw it and just put it online, so I can give you guys another hard mode boss kill, as soon as possible.

So please enjoy and until next time. High Definition version is ofc available.


  1. Now that we've gone through it a few times.. well, it actually feels more like the normal fight :D


  2. Yeah, it does, doesn't it? :P