Saturday, August 6, 2011

Majordomo Staghelm Video

Staghelm is one of those fights that I, personally, expected to be pretty tough and complicated but ended up being the easiest fight in the whole dungeon. I think it only took us, maybe two to three wipes, just to see the different phases and figure how many stacks we can take before forcing a shapeshift from the boss, before we just steamrolled it.

For the tank, the fight is pretty simple. We pull him and then tank through the first scorpion phase. It is the phase when he deals the most damage in and a good plan to rotate various cooldowns, especially as his stacks grow higher, is a good idea. The cat phase is primarily just about debuffing both the boss and the add, and dancing around them, to prevent them from getting hits on you from behind.

A fun encounter but, in my opinion, was a little bit undertuned.

I used a very calm and melancholic soundtrack for this video, as Staghelm himself has a very dramatic and sad story, prior to becoming a flame druid and servant of Ragranos. If you have not yet done so, you can experience it by finishing the Legacy of Leyara achievement. The reward from the achievement triggers a quest that tells Staghelm’s story and personally found it really sad and tragic.

Hope I managed to convey that in the video. Enjoy.

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