Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nefarian’s End

It was a very pleasant feeling last night, after couple of long raid nights of practicing the fight, to finally see the last of the normal mode bosses, Nefarian go down. We almost called off the raid actually, since the initial attempts were plagued by disconnections as the world server was having a hiccup but we figured that lets try for another 15-20 minutes and if there is a disconnection, then we will call it. Thankfully there wasn’t and after only a couple of tries we managed to kill Nefarian.


Next stop, some hard modes while we still have the time.

Go home team!


  1. Congratulations!

    Yeah yesterday was terrible. Addons completely fucking up, which possibly linked to people having sick FPS drops and stutters, disconnects and servers going down. Really hope they solve it due to sunday.

  2. Cheers and aye, hope they resolve the issues soon. Was hilarious running the new instances with addons all over the place, and felt so sorry for our balance druid who, if I pulled anything bigger than a sardine, had the most atrocious FPS I have ever seen.