Saturday, April 9, 2011

A New Beginning

It is hard to describe how much I detested changing my guild but I would be lying if I said it had not been coming for quite a bit. I will not go into the details or specifics why I did this, but looking couple of weeks back now, I know I made the right decision. It is strange but, for the longest time, I unsure but now I am certain. By my side, my girlfriend also left the guild, something that made me quite pleased, although it wasn’t in anyway my plan.

So here we are, applied and got accepted to my old guild on Nordrassil and we’ve been included in the third raid team. I do feel we were extremely lucky to get into the same guild and what is more, the officer core here agreed to place us in the same raiding team. I really could not have things to work out better than this.

With this change, I decided was also time to update my blog and and breath some life into this place. I’ve hated the fact that I let it fall into such a state but I just could not find the time to keep blogging. Now I hope to change it and we are both looking forward with great anticipation. Raiding kicked off this week, which I was very excited about. The team was, apparently, dormant for a while, due to some members taking a break from the game, so both me and Atheqa are joining with a couple of old PF members, along with some new and less experienced raiders to form what seems to be a very solid 10-man group. Everybody knows what they are doing and despite some of our numbers having poor gear, we’ve done very well during our first two nights, one- and two shotting bosses with little to no preparation, other than a short strategy meeting before a pull.

Some of them have outright impressed me and definitely stands as landmarks  to the statement that players over gear and skill above everything else. E.g. kudos to my tank partner, Stegal who was able to learn just a whole bunch of tactics and mechanics with very little warning. Equally, I feel we have a very strong set of healers, able to keep us even after some rather glaring screw ups.

So all and all, I think we are in a very nice place right now. Who wouldn’t be psyched? :-)

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