Thursday, April 23, 2009

Durithim of Ironforge

Seems blogging is kicking in within our guild, here at Retribution of Blade's Edge (EU), as another of our members has just started out his WoW blog. Naturally, since I don't want to be a second best, I'll follow on his footsteps and post a picture of my main character. For fair competition however, you can find Milas's blog my list as well.

I have to say I am pleased with this dwarf's progress; being my first max level character with relatively good Naxxramas level gear. Now just have to wait and help rest of my new guildies to gear up and we can all get to enjoy the perks of raiding.

But without further introductions, meet Durithim of Ironforge on his favorite place, overlooking the most fabled city in the world; Dalaran from high above Hero's Welcome.

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