Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rhin's User Interface

It has taken a couple of days of testing but I am finally getting it the way I like it. I have long watched some good looking UIs on discussion boards, wowinterface, etc. and even tried a few downloadable ones out. But they never quite sat well with me. They may have had bugs, obsolete addons, or just had glitches in the outlook.

One I used extensively was SpartanUI and it met most of my needs. However, as time passed the small misgivings in the UI began to stand out and it was time to change. The big, persisting issue with SpartanUI was its slow development process. Bugs and updates to WoW weren't getting upgraded quick enough.

Thus I dumped it and for a month, went back to using WoW's base UI. The only issue with that really is that it begins to clutter very quickly. Action bars take loads of space, everything tends to be huge, and there is very little configurable options. One of the real holes is the key binding, which has to be the most unintuitive in the history of software.

I wanted a change and now after 3.1.1 patch, I began to download pieces for my new UI. To be honest, I did not have any particular master plan. I knew about how I wished to lay it out and just went for it.

So, here is the result.


It is all very straightforward. I used Bartender for the action bars and key bindings. I tried several unit frames but none really sat well and finally I settled for Perl. It is clean, easy to configure, and has a lot of options to use. Sadly I could not find a buff frame mod for Perl so chose Satrina's BuffFrame. Last but not least, Sexymap for a cool outlook for my map.

There are still some issues I need to work out. The unitframes still take a lot of space and I am hoping Grid will help me out on that. Also it is missing the reputation and experience bars, as well as Fubar or Titanpanel to finish it all up.

The whole idea is to keep it as minimal as possible. I am a tank, usually a busy one so I like to see as much as possible around me. Beyond that, it just needs to look pleasing and provide the entertainment. For anyone who is interested in this kind of tweaking, I highly recommend it. It is fun and it will improve your UI without the shadow of a doubt.

That's it for now. I will keep you guys updated on the progress.

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