Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Elder Thraznar

A lot of people keep telling me that online is not the place to make true friends, just simply buddies you see here and there, but I could not disagree more on that. It is truly possible to get to know people online and and it is possible become true friends. In fact, it is arguable that the game only becomes more enjoyable, the better you know the mates you play with.

Well, here is one of my best mates in the World of Warcraft; Tom (aka Thraznar), elderly dwarf tank and healer, for whom there is not much more left to see in the world. You might say he is the inspiration of young Durithim, as the young death knight dwarved became a servant of light and ideals of good ones more.

I first met Tom on Darkspear realm and can honestly say, I would not be here without him. There was no one person who taught me as much, of attitude, knowledge and the ways of playing World of Warcraft as he did, in the most inconspicuous small guild, the Fallen Finest. Now sadly, he is walking away from the game and though not all partings are endings, I find I will miss his presence.

Here is a fine screenshot of Elder Thraznar, in midst of Crystalsong Forests, battling crazed treants. I know there are none, nor should not be, words to keep you from leaving, so instead I now raise my blade in salute and wish you a godspeed; a good and prosperous journey wherever the road may take you.

Farewell my friend, the winds of Dun Morogh welcome you and the mighty walls of Ironforge keep you safe.

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