Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Show and Tell

Greetings my readers. I do apologize for the lack of updates but it has been quite a ride, almost since the beginning of last week. A lot has happened and many changes have occurred. The most, probably in our guild at Performance but now it seems to finally have settled and we can be on our merry way, to continue our progression in 25-man content.

On a very personal front, a slew of achievements have come my way, several which have been long due to be honest. We started from 10-man Naxxramas and after plowing the first four quarters of the instance with practiced ease, we were ready to take on Sapphiron. Not surprisingly, it took us only one wipe to get the hang of it and after that the undead dragon proved a small challenge.

Kel'thuzad was refreshingly a much bigger challenge, though only technically as he goes through the various phases. In fact, by my observation bosses with are often ones that require more practice to bring effectively down and the lich sure gave us a run for our money. But in the end, after mastering adds and positions, was time to finally lay the creature to rest.

Of course, 10-man is not the only place we have done fabulous progress now. As a guild, Performance, we have completed both of the first quarters, arachnid and plague with little difficulty, although for some of us it was a first time. Military evades us with the lack of priests for Razuvius but Construct was easy picking until we met Thaddius.

Last but not least, Sartharion fell infront of the firing line during a short excursion, after a long night in 25-man Naxxramas. We only had 20 members left but to our surprise, few of us hardly noticed until Heroic: Less is More flashed on our screens. Have to admit, we felt pretty after by that time.

I believe that is enough of show and tell for the day. Next stop, if I had to take a guess, pressing deeper into 25-man Naxxramas and taking on Sartharion with drakes this time. Heck, who wouldn't like a chance to roll for the Reins of the Twilight Drake ;)

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