Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rolling Blogs

Got around upgrading the lists and small details of the blog this morning. Characters are now finally reflected properly and the blogroll got to see some new names. I am not sure if any of you've noticed, but it is not an easy task to find good blogs these days. I have always enjoyed reading them but as time has gone forward, blogging has become more common and sadly most of the new blogs that are started, fail soon after being born.

I know my first blog did and the simple reason is, it is not as easy as it first seems. It not only takes time and effort to come up with interesting articles, but you also need an idea for your blog. In my humble opinion, that is where so many fail; they think of blogging as glorious (which granted, it can be, depending on your point of view) and neglect to select a topic or subject for their blog that they can spend hours writing about.

As a final update, most of have probably noticed that Durithim has changed guilds during the past couple of days. It has been dealt in-guild and I will not go further into it, except it is safe to say, raiding did not work us in Retribution. I am now starting over in a new guild I feel has a lot to offer and where I can make a home.

We are all saddened that our best efforts to get into proper raiding did not work out, but such is life. You win some, you lose some. Also, on the bright side, this is not the end for Retribution as it continues on as a social and leveling guild, just as it did before we started the raids. Many of the founding members are still there and it is a nice and warm place to be.

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