Monday, May 25, 2009

It's just a Game

World of Warcraft is best when played in teams, with other people, there is no denying that. However, the longer you play the game the more it seems that there are a lot of variables that, in fact, play against that notion. I have experienced it time, and time again, and reading on other blogs and news sites, it seems evident that I am not the only one who feels this.

It is easy enough, if you have a close friend who you do lots of things together, to fit a schedule between the two of you and get on to play WoW. Questing is best and most fun in pairs, preferrably over voice chat or even better, between family members when you can actually play in the same room with someone. Then again, if you try to exceed that number, you run into trouble.

Who has not tried to put together a regular dungeon group? To go off and play regular dungeons and get the best gear as you level your characters. I can tell you, it's awesome fun, when it works but most of the time it does not. Fitting 3-5 people into one schedule seems like an impossible task, even for a shorter period of time and for myself, it seems puzzling; why is it so hard?

After all, we can easily schedule a movie night, with 4+ people meet downtown, no matter on what walks of life we come from. Or go out to a pub for a drink or whatever we call outdoor social activities. But in WoW, no. Just no. It seems anything and everything can come before a game of WoW and while it is easy to dismiss that by saying "well hell, it's just a game."

But is it just a game? I like to think of it more like a hobby. Like going to karate, playing tennis or football, or collecting stamps or butterflies. When you make that transition of attitude, everything changes. As long as it is just a "stupid game" it is easy to dismiss. When you think of it as a hobby where other people depend on your keeping your word on showing up, it is suddenly a whole different story and I believe this is the biggest problem in the warcraft sphere at the moment.

I dare anyone to step into the boots of a raid leader, even if it's inside your own local, casual guild, and try put together raids, or heroic dungeons runs, or any dungeon runs. Look people up, talk to them, invite and set schedules. It is such a drag it feels like hips deep in a stinky marshland. Not only will you begin to stumble just trying to get all five people on a same time of day, 1-2 will easily later come and tell you how sorry they are but they have to brush their cats or go do something or other - and that's if you're lucky. Some will just simply blow you off and later boldfacely lie why they weren't there.

In the end you cannot take it anymore and you cancel what could have been so much fun and beneficial for everyone. Worse, soon some genius from your guild will come nag on you why won't the officer's setup regular heroic runs, "it would be so much fun, wouldn't it?"

Aye, as much fun as sticking needles into your eyes...

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