Monday, May 11, 2009

Return of the Blogger

Hello Readers

I apologize to all my readers for not having had the time to write lately. Almost a week has passed, I believe, without a single new post and I feel guilty for neglecting you guys. Turmoil beset our guild as our raid leader had to part us for personal reason and, at the request of our guild leader; I attempted to pick up his heavy mantle.

I never envied him for that responsibility, for our guild, the raid leader is not only responsible for training and helping the new members, or in experienced members, gear and understand their classes well enough to become ready for Naxxramas. However, we succeeded very well, and I do mean We. I give full credit to Tatiiana and Linz, without them I could not have succeeded.

Thank you guys, we make a damn good team :)

Now the rain has fallen and we are back on our feet. We pulled all our members together and within couple of days, we had a Naxx run scheduled. Was our first run as a guild, with only half of the group having had any experience within the dreaded walls.

We succeeded the first night with another and I admit, I am impressed. During two night, we only wiped twice. One was a gargoyle at plague wing that caught us by surprise. Second was a bad first pull on Patchwork.

To demonstrate our well found resolve, here are some of my gathered statistics:

Anub'rekhan: 5:42.
Grand Widow Faerlina: 3:44.
Maexxna: 3:48.
Patchwork: 4:48.
Noth the Plaguebringer: 6:34.

I would actualy stress that we brought Patchwork down on the second day, when some of our top dps players could not join, and still we killed him under five minutes. This is a very good start for a simple social guild that is moving to raiding.

For this, everyone has my congrats. Hope to see you all again tonight and we will continue to plow success against the armies of evil.

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