Thursday, May 14, 2009


One of the things I find most sad about the game is guild divisions. I cannot hold myself to the spot of a veteran player. I only started to play soon after the last expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, was published but believe I have played long enough to see my share of events. Often, I find myself listening to other people tell their stories and realize, hey, that happened to me as well.

This includes guild drama. I often try to ward myself against them and since my initial duties in leadership positions, I simply chose not to accept those anymore. I am happier as just a grunt and there is a lot less of aggrevation. But then, life tends to kick the gear in and once more, I am in a position of guild leadership.

As always, inevidebly, drama has followed suite. It seemed to me, at first, that it all started when I took office but on reflecting the truth is, Retribution has had its share of drama for quite sometime. Why? Simple, few select individuals are unhappy with certain changes and events, and have thus voiced their discontent.

Personally, this is fine. If you are unhappy with something the leaders are doing, you should voice it. However, it is another thing when it happens behind your back or worse, when it is the leaders themselves that are arguing. Even worse, it seems for us, some are not even willing to settle matters and this is what I have the most problem with.

If you do not like a person, that is currently me, by the way, that's fine. I don't generally care if I am not popular and my life is blissfully unaffected by the social acceptance of others. Odds are I do not like you either. However, this does not prevent me from fulfilling my duty and talking with the same people who might dislike, hate, or even dispise me. This is how a mature human being acts. If I went to work one day and told my boss that I refuse to have anything to do with another person, with whom I sadly shared an office with, I'd be fired.

Sometimes, and quite often in fact, you just have to work with dislikable people. Life tends to suck; get over it. Afterwards you are free to go rant and slander all you want. But for the good of the guild, you should at least compose yourself and act responsibly.

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