Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mysteries of Fishing

It is hard to fully pin point what makes fishing so successful. When you think about it, you have 
to wonder about the people who have it up to 450, or 400, or even 300. How do they find the will to sit by splash of water and time and time again, throw the rod in and wait for the blobber to perk? I have no idea, but it is oddly satisfying to practice it.

Here is Durithim on one of his latest expeditions to the Barrens. Why the Barrens, so far away from known civilization? Simple; I finally, after long search and haggling, managed to get my hands on a recipe, for Deviate Savory Delights. Anyone who does fishing knowns how hard it is to get. Firstly, it only drops mainly for horde because it drops most in the Barren, which is horde territory all the way through.

Secondly, when you do see one for sale on the trade channel or the auction house, it goes for notorious prices. Usually in the many hundreds and though I could have afforded it, something in me just says it is not worth to spend 400-500g on a single recipe that will not benefit me in anyway, in-game.

Sometimes, I have even seen it for a thousand gold pieces, but that was just laughable. The whole trade channel, in fact, had a huge laugh over it. I mean, c'mon guys, it's a piece that people will be money for but a thousand gold? Nah ah...

Mine I bought for a 200g and felt it was a lot more reasonable, just considering how much entertainment it was. I was under the impression that the cooked deviate fish would have been somehow extraordinary in sense of buffs or other benefits, but more it was just a lot of fun watching your character turn into leather wearing rogue or a pirate.

Ever seen a human rogue, in matrix black leather, tank Patchwork? I intend to see it with my own eye :P

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