Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lockdown Ends

Another lockdown is behind us and as a guild, we continue to progress through Naxxramas, at a phenomenal speed. We are now 9/15 through the infamous raid dungeon and this is where it is beginning to be most rewarding for me, as a raid leader; the satisfaction of seeing new raiders bring down the bosses, succeed so well in our tactics and the smiles when they win the rolls for cool new gear. To be honest, there is no better feeling for me.

So far it has been a healer boulevard on gear, with other caster and few tank pieces. Congrats to all roll winners and to everyone, for a superb job on defeating the challenges of Naxxramas so far. We are also continuing to bring new people in and the group is growing. For Drennai (paladin healer), Driz (hunter dps), and Scorpion (warrior tank) welcome to the crew.

Soon we'll also have a fresh druid healer and our runs should become even smoother. Everyone feel free to check our web site for screenshots, as soon as our guild leader gets them uploaded. See you all for the next lock down :)

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