Monday, May 11, 2009


I am writing this one on extempore, for while doing my daily research, came across a hilarious youtube video and I cannot not show it to you guys. Myself, I believe I am a different kind of breed when it comes to raid leading. By no means unique but a rare breed I think. The simple piece of sad fact is that too many play this game like it is a second job and take it way too seriously.

I understand a harsh attitude in a progression setting, in hard core raiding guilds who compete for the first server kills, or even world kills. Or just the right to be able to be among the first. This was more true in previous versions of the game because the raid scene was a lot less forgiving. But we are now getting there also in WotLK, after the coming of Ulduar and we will move further in as Icecrown Citadel is released in a future patch.

However, I am not that kind of a leader and I find myself explaining this surprisingly often. Especially when taking new members, with less gear than what the norm is, they often warn me several times that they might not be ready and fully understand if I remove them from the raid. This is ridiculous. If I extend an invitation to someone, to join a raid I am leading, it is then my responsibility, not yours. If anyone is to be then blamed for a poor success of the raid, it is me.

And here is the type of leader I blame for the fact that new and casual players are, in fact, frightened to join raids anymore. Who wants to take this kind of abuse?

Although, rather than cry or whimper, I imagine the raid having to actually turn their mics off 'cause they are all laughing so hard.

Remember people, there are no bad crews, only bad leaders.

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